Cornet Section

First Cornet

  • Darren Lee
  • Sally Bull
  • Ross Cooper
  • Amy Chapman

Soprano Cornet

  • Malcolm Lee

On joining Cholsey Silver as a 9 year old in 1961 I was handed a Soprano to try out, a few days later I was given a Bb cornet. I returned to playing a Soprano after I joined Egham three years later and once I had my own transport, returned to Cholsey on Soprano. I eventually left Cholsey and joined Sandhurst Silver on Bb cornet and stayed with them for the next 25 years mostly as Principal Cornet. During this time I also joined the MillsTones Dance Band on 1st Trumpet and after 25 years with both bands decided to bid farewell to Brass Bands to concentrate, for the next 15 years, on the music of the Big Bands. A recent move to Honiton with my wife Loraine has given me the opportunity of returning to the Brass Band world with OSM and I’m really enjoying getting familiar with the Soprano again and performing with a great bunch of people.

Repiano Cornet

  • Ian Summerscales
  • Michael Scott-Perry

2nd / 3rd Cornets

  • Jack Clarke
  • Jackie Ridgeway
  • Mick Oliver
  • Edward Cooper
  • Debbie Cheeseman