Band Rules


All organisations need rules to ensure smooth running and fairness between members. The Committee will always ensure that these rules are applied fairly, with common sense and only after proper consideration of all relevant matters.


  • The Band is managed by an elected Committee which meets on a regular basis.



  • The Annual General Meeting of the Band is usually held in April of each year.


  • The Constitution of the Band establishes the framework within which the Band operates, and copies are available from the Secretary or on the Band website.


  • All matters concerning the organisation, planning, operation and financing of the Band should be referred to the Committee for discussion and action.


  • Members of the Band should inform the Committee, through the Secretary, or any Committee member, of any suggestions, ideas or complaints concerning the Band’s activities.


  • Applications for Playing Membership shall be in writing to the Secretary on the designated membership application form.


  • Prospective Playing Members may be auditioned by the Musical Director and may be required to serve three months probation before being formally accepted as Playing Members of the Band.


  • Subscriptions are payable for Playing Members. These subscriptions and any concessions or waivers are reviewed annually by the Committee and any changes approved at the annual general meeting of the Band.


  • Playing Members wishing to resign from the Band shall do so in writing to the Secretary, where possible giving at least one month’s notice.


  • The Committee shall have the power may terminate membership of the Band in any of the following events:


  • If such a member is considered without proper reason to be in arrears with regard to his Annual Subscription or any other monies owed to the Band;


  • If such a member is guilty of serious misconduct or other behaviour which, in the absolute discretion of the Committee, is detrimental to Band in whatever circumstances it may occur;


  • If such a member is considered to be in breach of the Band Rules and, following appropriate warnings, has not improved his conduct.


  • The Band normally rehearses once a week, on Thursday evenings (19:30 – 21:30). In addition there may be other practices as requested by the Musical Director.


  • Members shall at all times conduct themselves in an acceptable manner and with consideration for other Members and the general public. Bad behaviour and language will not be accepted. The deportment, appearance and overall demeanour of the Band is an important part of the service the Band provides and is equally as important as the musical performance.


  • Playing Members are expected to attend each scheduled Band rehearsal and engagement where it is reasonable for them to do so


  • Playing Members should indicate whether or not they are available for a particular engagement as early as possible. The unavailability of any particular player can only be dealt with effectively when there is sufficient time to make alternative arrangements, if appropriate.


  • In the event of short notice, or last minute, unavailability, Playing Members must make every effort to inform the Secretary or Musical Director as soon as possible.


  • It would be helpful if Playing Members who are not available for engagements assist with arrangements for cover by suggesting alternative players from other sources.


  • Playing Members are expected to have their music parts available at all times for rehearsals and engagements. If, for any reason, a player cannot attend a rehearsal or engagement, he or she must make reasonable efforts to ensure that his or her music is forwarded to the Band or left with the Band in anticipation of his or her absence.


  • Playing Members are expected to assist with the setting up and packing away of chairs, stands and other equipment at rehearsals and engagements and arrive at engagement venues by the time stated and wear the full uniform specified. Sufficient time should be allowed for travelling and parking, where appropriate.


  • Band uniform is to be worn for all engagements unless notified otherwise.


  • Playing Members are expected to dress smartly and adhere strictly to the Band uniform on all engagements


  • Band uniform consists of the Band jacket, white shirt, straight tie, black trousers/ skirt, black shoes and black socks.


  • Playing Members are expected to maintain and keep their uniform clean.


  • Where an instrument is loaned to a Playing Member by the Band it will be insured for all normal risks under a policy of insurance maintained by the Band but Members are expected to maintain the instrument in good working order and take reasonable care to keep it safe and undamaged.


  • Uniform and instruments belonging to the Band must be returned in good order when requested by the Committee