Trombone Section

First Trombone

  • Ivor Bull

2nd Trombone

  • Lyn Edwards
  • John Edwards

Inspired by George Chisholm and Jimmy Edwards I leant to play trombone with the Honiton Town Band and was taught by an old stalwart called Don Connett.  I continued to play with Honiton into the seventies. After a midlife break I joined OSMSB in the early nineties and my highlight was playing the Acrobat at Connaught Gardens in Sidmouth. Since being left on my own the band has been one of my lifelines.  

Bass Trombone

  • Felicity Christie

I learned trombone with Pangbourne Silver band and played with them as a teenager , I also played with BYJO, Berkshire Youth Jazz Orchestra, I then went to Cardiff and played with a  band called Wonderbrass. Then I moved again and for the next 20 years I did not play at all, but after relocating  to Devon, I  joined OSM silver band and have enjoyed playing bass trombone with them ever since

  • John Stuckey:  

I started playing Tenor trombone at the start of Secondary school, purely as it was that or a French Horn left in the instrument store! I started learning bass clef, as the school band was a concert band, with one highlight appearing on stage with Roy Castle at a local hotel. Learning tenor clef a year or so later and playing with both Amesbury Town and Shrewton Silver Bands, led to my first taste of contesting, playing Little Suite For Brass, in the mid 1970s.On leaving school other interests like sailing and Orienteering and a young family took precedence and it was not until the mid 1990s that I started playing again, this time with Test Valley Brass in Andover. Second trombone seat for contests and a Moselle Tour were events of note.A job move back to Salisbury Plain meant reacquainting with old friends from Amesbury and Shrewton, and meeting up with my wife Geraldine who also enjoys being part of the wider banding family. Highlights included progressing to First Section and reaching national finals on route.

We have in the last few years moved to Devon where we are pleased to have been welcomed by Ottery Band where I share the Bass Trombone seat and cover the top seat when needed.

After 40 years ‘on the dark side’ I have finally succumbed to learning a valve instrument, and now play Baritone as well, trying to prove you can teach an old dog new tricks.